2017-02-18 11:44:55 by mesorocks


I draw some fucked up shit, so...TURN BACK NOW WHILE YOU STILL CAN!!!! 


Regarding any sort of commissions or any art trades, I WILL DRAW WHATEVER YOU WANT. I don't need payment, hell I don't even need something in return. If you want me to draw something, I will draw it to the best of my abilities. Just know that I work full time and I go to College, so any request might take a while. 

Just as a side note I may decline your request if it lies outside my comfort zone or if I'm too busy to draw anything for a while.

What I don't draw:

Scat or diapers
gay ( although very feminine boys are okay)

and...that's about it. If you like these things that's totally cool, they just lie outside my comfort zone.


2016-09-04 03:03:38 by mesorocks

I'm trying to become an artist. So far my art is shit, but maybe in the future I could become not so shitty. Hopefully you guys could give me a shot.